For The Sake of Healing

Self love isn't vanity, it is sanity. -Unknown Life is built on the decisions we make. The average adult makes about 35,000 choices in a single day.  Sometimes we have to make decisions that are hard to make. They take time to think about and it can be hard to build yourself up to take... Continue Reading →

Courage to support

Supporting another's success does not dampen yours. -Unknown Everyone needs a good support system. It can be anyone or anything. Family, friends, your dog, your cat, photography, music, etc. Whatever or whoever it is that helps you feel better mentally and/or physically can be apart of your support system. Over 44 million people in the... Continue Reading →

The Journey

Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be. -Unknown Life only has a handful of guarantees. Change is one of them. Everyone has a moment in their life where it changes who they are and where they are going. It can be a good or bad moment. They... Continue Reading →

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